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Rattlin'Shad for ten years now has been the leader in early season downsized lures. This lipless rattling crankbait is the loudest on the market, made with tough 4X hooks and rings tough enough for any musky. With many color patterns sure to get the attention from muskies anywhere you fish. Compare ours you'll hear the difference,  "shake, rattle and roll to your favorite fishing hole"

$10 Each
6 Pack $50
Plus Shipping

"Fat Belly Rattler" at 4 inches this drop belly small profile lure doubles as a extremely noisy lipless rattling crank bait that can be worked with slight taps as a glide bait as well. It's new body style creates a completely different look and sound that can get the attention of those highly pressured muskies. Offered in numerous fish catching patterns. Guide tested, proven to be a big hit with the early season musky angler.

Fat Belly Rattler
$12 Each
6 Pack $60
Plus Shipping

Special Combo Pack 3 of each $55

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Click on any images below to view the Rattin' Shad & Fat Belly Rattler colors:

Rattlin Shad Orange Coach Dog

Rattlin Shad Flame

Rattlin Shad Moonshine

Rattlin Shad Pinkie

Rattlin Shad Firetiger

Rattlin Shad Firetail

Rattlin Shad Herpes

Rattlin Shad Red Head

Rattlin Shad Bengal Tiger

Rattlin Shad Sexy Shad

Rattlin Shad Gold Dust

Rattlin Shad Chartreuse Coach Dog

Rattlin Shad Bourbon

Fat Belly Rattler Firetiger

Fat Belly Rattler Herpes

Fat Belly Rattler Craw Daddy

Fat Belly Rattler Lemon Head

Fat Belly Rattler Pinkie

Fat Belly Rattler Orange Coach Dog

Fat Belly Rattler Chartreuse Coach Dog

Fat Belly Rattler Golden Tiger

Fat Belly Rattler Sexy Shad

Fat Belly Rattler Bengal Tiger